April Six

Gender equality is a 50/50 proposition.

Thursday, April 26 will mark the second annual 50/50 Day. We’re officially one year closer to achieving a more gender-balanced world in business, politics, culture, home, and beyond. With another world-changing year ahead, April Six is proud to partner with DWA, CBS Interactive, and the 50/50 Movement to create an event that connects thousands of organizations to this global conversation.

This year’s 50/50 celebration will feature the premiere of a new Tiffany Shlain short film on the importance of diversity among our elected officials. And we’ll be screening 50/50: Rethinking the Past, Present, and Future of Women and Power, the powerful documentary from the Emmy-nominated filmmaker that lit the 50/50 fuse last year. The live panel discussion that will follow will feature leaders advocating for diversity and inclusion within the corporate space including:

Beena Ammanath, CEO at Humans for AI and VP of AI at HPE

Christine Jennings, Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce

Kelly Meldrum, Partner and Head of Primary Funds at Adams Street Partners

Marilyn Weinstein, CEO at Vivo

Michelle Bravo, SF Mayoral candidate

Vasu Jakkal, CMO at FireEye

The upcoming day devoted to #GettingTo5050 through pledges will unite thousands of people committed to taking action in the movement for gender equality. Will you be one of them?

Join April Six, along with local women and men of technology and marketing for this very special film screening, after which we will hold a live discussion with high-profile panelists on how to take direct action that will bring us closer to a 50/50 world.

When & Where
Thursday, April 26th
The Tech Museum of Innovation
201 S Market Street
San Jose CA
Private Screening
Two short films by Tiffany Shlain, including 50/50: Rethinking the Past, Present, and Future of Women + Power
Leading the Discussion
Connie Guglielmo, Editor-in-Chief and VP at CNET

Your 50/50 experience starts here

Please complete and submit your registration before April 26th, 2018 to reserve your place for 50/50 Day at April Six.